Storm Water Vault Inspection

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Structural Engineering - Storm Water Vault Inspection

We enjoy the variety of types of jobs we do at MEC, but we really love geotechical work. Last week, one of our clients had us inspect a storm water vault under a townhouse and evaluate some preventative measures.

At this property there are 4 sets of townhouses. To maximize land space, a retention pond/storm water vault, was placed underneath one of the buildings. The other three buildings are built on slab-on-grade. The HOA wanted MEC to inspect and evaluate their concerns of possible moisture vapors affecting the subfloor and the wood floor joist, in the building that is built above the vault. This is a preventative measure, so our evaluation included proposing a plan to eliminate any moisture effects to the subfloor from the vault.

This was a fun job for us and in addition to the proposed plan, we also suggested they use the water being captured in an alternative way. The water is already there so why not add a few things and use it for irrigation! By cleaning out the vault, adding a pump, and a few other suggestions for monitoring the quality of the water going into the vault, they can reuse that water in many ways.